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Based in North America and Europe, LiftWerx provides turnkey services for major corrective repairs, using crane-less technology.

The technology offered by Liftwerx provides countless benefits over the use of traditional cranes. Crane-less solutions reduce mobilization costs, avoid delays due to high wind speeds, avoid the requirement of obtaining road permits, minimize ground pressures, and decrease the overall footprint as compared to using traditional cranes on the ground.

In addition, our up-tower cranes are fully-electric and have 40% less of a carbon footprint than traditional cranes.

what you can expect from liftwerx


Staying ahead of the industry with thought leadership.


Fresh thinking in an evolving world.


In a world of technology, people make the difference.


“Carbon-Free” cranes for a better world.

What Makes Us

Here at LiftWerx, we reduce the impact of wind turbine corrective repairs by avoiding large traditional cranes. The use of crane-less technology reduces mobilization costs, minimizes impact to landowners, and reduces the carbon footprint of these activities.

We believe in the importance of customer focus, innovation, and accountability to sustain a successful enterprise. Our business culture can be described with our simple 6-C principle listed below:

Client focus

Clients are the centre of everything we do. It is our goal to fully understand our clients’ needs, and fully embed ourselves in their strategy, in order to create the most value.


As a service company, our performance and our reputation are paramount. With this in mind, we say what we do, and we do what we say. It’s really that simple.


Creativity is about developing the idea. Innovation is about executing the idea: integrating the idea into a successful business. At LiftWerx, we do both.


Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. We can conquer almost any fear if we make up our mind to do so.

Can-do attitude

At LiftWerx, we cultivate a strong belief in our ability to cope with whatever life and business may bring. And we thrive on it.


It is our belief in ourselves that provides us with the ability to be in control of our business, our commitments to our clients & suppliers, our lives, and our goals.

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