Not just a “can”! LiftWerx rotor stand are designed to secure rotors in high winds and requires no additional equipment to support blade tips.

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  • Balanced or Unbalanced Rotors
  • Universal design for multiple rotor types, either balanced or unbalanced.
  • Quick and Easy to Assemble
  • Our largest rotor stand is only three pieces and pins together with just 4 pins.
  • No Need to Support Blade Tips
    • Reduce your 3rd party equipment rental costs.
    • Avoid crop damage from cranes and telehandlers in fields.
    • Safely secure rotors immediately after landing them on the stand.

GE1.X, GE2.X, SWT2.3, SWT2.9
+other rotor types available on request.

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GE2.X “Banana” Beam

  • For 116m & 127m rear entry hub rotors.
  • SWL = 80,000 kg / 176,000 lbs
  • Includes shipping frame and counterweights.

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GE2.X Rotor “Spider”

  • For 116m front entry hub rotors.
  • SWL = 75,000 kg / 165,000 lbs
  • Includes pin pushers / extractors for ease of install and removal.

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GE1.X Rotor “Spider”

  • For GE1.X-100 & 103m front entry hub rotors.
  • SWL = 68,000 kg / 150,000 lbs

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Universal Blade Stands

  • For GE1.X & 2.X and any blades < 63m long
  • Switch between blade types without any adjustment!
  • No additional tie down needed.

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Universal Main Shaft Stands

  • For GE1.X and 2.X Main Shafts
  • Purpose-built stand for supporting main bearings on the ground.
  • Improve safety and avoid tall cribbing piles.

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Hitch-Mounted Tagline Winches

  • Lightweight two-speed crank tagline winch for safely tag lining rotors, blades, and other lifted equipment.
  • Fits standard 2” trailer hitch. Capacity 1600lbf.

Exchange Gearboxes with Half the Crane Costs.

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Models to fit: GE1.5, GE1.X, GE2.X, Senvion MM82/92 & Siemens 2.3.

  • One piece “place and go” design.
  • Work at higher wind speeds.
  • Includes ejector system to separate gearbox from main shaft.

Systems from 50 – 400 tons for safely ejecting gearboxes and main shafts, even in the most extreme cases.

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  • Universal Design
  • Models fit: GE1.5, 1.X, 2.X, Siemens 2.3, Senvion MM82/92 and Vestas 2MW.
  • Eliminate Stuck Shafts
  • Avoid delays and downtime due to stuck shafts.
  • Ergonomic and Safe
  • Secured with high strength magnets.
    Pushes gearbox off in a single stroke.
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Avoid expensive crane costs.

Perform gearbox repairs and IMS replacements without the need for traditional cranes.

GE, Siemens & Senvion. New or used.

Kits available to meet your specific needs.

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Need something you don’t see listed here?

LiftWerx creates custom solutions, such as lifting tools and rotor locking devices.

Let our team of experienced wind industry engineers and technical experts solve your problem.

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