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LiftWerx specializes in wind turbine corrective repairs using alternative lifting solutions. We provide customers with tailored services, including:

Wind Energy: Major Component Replacements

LiftWerx offers alternative lifting services to exchange and repair gearboxes, generators, blades, and fully-assembled rotors using a variety of specialized up-tower lifting devices. These devices are designed to increase efficiency and save cost for clients in the wind turbine maintenance market, by creating opportunities to replace major components from wind turbines without the need for large cranes. This new technology is not only swift, efficient, safe, and reliable; it is intended to lower O&M costs, reduce ground preparation requirements, and increase the working window for these types of maintenance activities by allowing safe operation in wind speeds up to 18 meters per second.

Design-Build Lifting Solutions

We understand that at wind farms, utilizing large conventional cranes can be a costly and disruptive endeavor, which is often hampered by high wind speeds and high mobilization costs. As an alternative to using large cranes, LiftWerx offers tremendous experience with respect to the design and supply of up-tower cranes and other specialized lifting devices. We offer a full spectrum of services, including engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, and commissioning, as well as service, refurbishment and maintenance.

Liftwerx is a member of the Meemaken group of companies

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