Today, LiftWerx is proud to announce the TeleHook™, the newest up-tower crane in our toolkit. The TeleHook™ is small enough to be assembled by hand in the nacelle, yet with a lifting capacity of 1,000kg, it is powerful enough to perform the following types of lifting activities:

– Yaw drive exchanges
– Removal and installation of roof panels
– Assembly of larger up-tower crane systems

LiftWerx currently has four of these cranes in production, all of which will be launched in Q2 2021. This photo shows the first lift for the first TeleHook™ this week, at a project in North Dakota.

A tiny device weighing less than 500kg, the TeleHook™ allows the safe exchange of yaw drives without the need for any mobile cranes on the ground. Please contact us if we can be of service!

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