Here’s a closeup view of our newest RotorHook™ crane, which is in the final assembly process at KenzFigee’s facility in The Netherlands. This crane has the ability to perform rotor drops and main shaft exchanges on GE1.X and Siemens 2.3MW wind turbines. Featuring many new upgrades, the crane system also has the ability to perform gearbox, generator, and full drivetrain exchanges.

Final commissioning and testing of this state-of-the-art machine will be completed in six weeks’ time, then the crane will be shipped to North America for servicing wind farms across the USA and Canada.

When it comes to wind turbine repairs, this crane can do the same lifting work as a Manitowoc 18000, a Terex CC2800, or a Liebherr LG1750, and it can work on towers up to 100 meters high. With an upgraded winch, tower heights up to 132 meters are also easily serviceable with no additional equipment required. But unlike large lattice-boom cranes, the entire crane system packs up in three standard ISO containers, requiring no road permits, and with minimal mobilization costs.

Are you interested to learn more about how this crane technology can improve O&M safety and save cost at your wind farm? Please contact us for details!

Safer, cheaper, faster, better. Who says you can’t have all four?

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