LiftWerx is proud and delighted to announce our latest crane, a Liebherr LTM1450 8.1. This crane, currently based in Ontario, is the first of its kind to be ordered through Liebherr Canada.
For wind energy applications, this crane only requires two accessory truckloads, so it can be mobilized very quickly and efficiently, and at a minimal cost.
LiftWerx has many plans for this new asset. Mainly intended as a support crane for our RotorHook™ applications, it will enable LiftWerx to expand its capabilities to several other turbine models which were not previously possible. Additionally, as this crane can comfortably reach nacelle heights of 100 metres, it will be used as a support crane for tailing rotors and lifting blades.
This crane is also capable to exchange gearboxes and generators.
Are you interested to learn more? Please contact us for details!

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