We are so proud to announce the successful installation of our first GenHook™ crane in the USA. This is by far the most powerful and user-friendly up-tower crane in the global wind energy industry.  It is entirely contained in a wind turbine nacelle, with no wires connected to the ground.  With winches conveniently located in the nacelle, this crane has no ground footprint whatsoever.  

LiftWerx is currently developing ten new up-tower cranes, and will launch all of them in early 2019.  Our second GenHook™ crane is currently being commissioned by Kenz-Figee in the Netherlands, and will enter the US market in the next few weeks.

Our next target is to complete a full GenHook™ gearbox exchange in only four days, on a turnkey basis.

Thanks again to a great crew and a great customer!  Stay tuned for plenty of new innovations by LiftWerx for the wind energy industry.  

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