LiftWerx is pleased to announce that it has placed an order last week to fabricate and construct the world’s most advanced testing facility for up-tower cranes. This facility, which will mainly be used for our North American crane fleet, will comprise a modular test tower which is equipped for testing, training, and maintenance on the following twelve types of up-tower cranes:

  • LiftWerx YawHook™
  • LiftWerx Heli-Hook™ 850
  • LiftWerx Heli-Hook™ 1100
  • LiftWerx GenHook™ 1000
  • LiftWerx GenHook™ 300
  • LiftWerx RotorHook™
  • LiftWerx BoxHook™
  • Liftra LWC560
  • Liftra LT1000-1
  • Liftra LT1000-2
  • Liftra LT1200
  • HMF T265

This test facility has been designed to apply test loads of up to 82.5 MT (182,000 lbs), at hook heights of up to 25 metres.

Construction of the test facility is scheduled for November 2019. Stay tuned for more updates!

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