LiftWerx is excited to announce that it is expanding its core scope of services to include turnkey up-tower gearbox repairs on GE1.5, GE1.6, GE1.7, GE1.79, and GE1.85MW wind turbines.

What makes us different, you might ask? It’s quite simple: all of our repairs are crane-less, of course. If your repair requires us to exchange a heavier component such a pinion, remove the helical module, or lower the gearbox housing, all lifting work is done with tiny up-tower cranes. So we can do this work easily with no road permits, no civil work, no high mobilization costs, and no hassles. The best part is that for these types of repairs, most of our cranes can be mobilized with a pickup truck.

Why perform your repair with a large traditional crane, when a tiny up-tower crane can do the job? Please contact us for a quote!

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