LiftWerx is pleased to announce the development of its next generation RotorHook™ crane. This powerful up-tower crane will be used to perform large corrective repairs on General Electric onshore wind turbines.

This advanced crane offers greater capabilities than any other up-tower crane in the market, with the ability to exchange complete assembled drivetrains. These types of exchanges have not previously been possible with existing up-tower crane technology.

This next-generation RotorHook™ device can be mounted in a wide variety of configurations, and has the ability to perform the following large corrective repairs:

– Fixed-rotor gearbox exchanges
– Rotor drops
– Main bearing / main shaft exchanges
– Full drivetrain exchanges
– Blade exchanges
– Pitch bearing exchanges
– Generator exchanges
– Up-tower gearbox repairs
– Yaw drive exchanges
– Repower projects

This crane can do the same lifting work as a 600-tonne crawler crane, but it is around ten times smaller. The entire crane system is transported in three ISO containers, with legal dimensions and weights.

Do you have an interest to learn more? Please contact us at for more details, or call our sales group directly at +1 (855) 936-6664.

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