Here at LiftWerx, we are proud to announce the development of another up-tower crane. The GenHook™ Lite, which is the smallest crane in our GenHook™ product line, is specifically-designed with rapid assembly and disassembly in mind. It can be fully-mounted in a wind turbine nacelle, from LOTO to hook-ready, in a matter of a few hours.

With a lifting capacity of 10 tonnes, it is perfectly-suited for major corrective repairs such as generator replacements, as well as helical module exchanges during up-tower gearbox repairs.

This powerful new crane, which can do the same work as a 400-ton telescopic crane, is easily transported in a single 40-foot standard ISO container, including all tools, rigging, and turbine interface equipment, with plenty of room to spare. And like all other LiftWerx cranes, it is fully electric, powered by the wind turbine itself, creating no CO2 emissions.

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