Thanks to all of our clients, suppliers, team members, and other valued guests who attended our GenHook™ launch event in Amsterdam this week!

At this special event, LiftWerx’s second GenHook™ crane was unveiled by Bruce Neumiller, CEO of Gearbox Express.  The demonstration also included a LiftWerx Heli-Hook™ support crane, which is used to assemble the GenHook™ crane in wind turbine nacelles.  

These particular cranes will be transported shortly to the USA, where they will enter a 3-year service agreement for a valued customer. 

Eliminating the need for large traditional cranes, the GenHook™ is the world’s most cost-effective, powerful, and environmentally-friendly up-tower crane for major corrective repairs in wind turbines.

Are you interested to learn more?  Please contact us!

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