When we started our company nearly four years ago, very few people seemed to take us seriously. Our strategy to perform repairs on wind turbines, without the use of traditional cranes on the ground, was dismissed by many as a radical idea.

Looking back over the past 3.5 years, it has not been easy. But we can now proudly announce that LiftWerx is the only wind energy contractor in the western world which offers innovative crane-less exchanges for all types of major components: gearboxes, blades, main shafts, yaw drives, rotors, and generators. And we also perform turnkey up-tower gearbox repairs without any cranes on the ground. Have a look at the photos, and see for yourself!

Are you tired of paying high mobilization costs for big cranes? Are you weary of paying for civil work to accommodate large cranes on your wind farm? Do you find it difficult to source large cranes, due to road permits or non-availability? Are you frustrated by paying for large cranes on site, but not being able to use them due to high winds? Please be advised that using a large crane is no longer a necessity for O&M repairs. Safer, more efficient solutions are now available. Please contact us anytime to explore the latest alternative technology.

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