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LiftWerx offers creative and innovative lifting solutions for major component replacements in wind turbines. Founded by experienced professionals, LiftWerx was created to provide customers with alternative lifting solutions for corrective repairs in wind turbines.

The lifting solutions offered by LiftWerx are intended solve problems created by traditional cranes.  These alternative solutions will reduce mobilization costs, avoid delays due to high wind speeds, avoid delays due to road permits, minimize ground pressures, and decrease the overall footprint as compared to using traditional cranes on the ground.

Design-Build Lifting Solutions

Major Component Replacement Services

Do you require a specialized lifting device to perform corrective repairs in wind turbines? LiftWerx offers tremendous experience with respect to the design and supply of up-tower cranes and other specialized lifting devices. We offer a full spectrum of services, including engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, and commissioning, as well as service, refurbishment and maintenance.

LiftWerx offers both specialized equipment and experienced technicians to perform corrective repairs on a wide variety of wind turbines. All lifting services are performed using up-tower crane technology, which avoids the high cost and disruption of utilizing large conventional cranes on the ground.


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