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LiftWerx is an engineering-based contractor which specializes in complex logistics and heavy-lift technology. Founded by experienced professionals, LiftWerx was incorporated to fill a gap in the market and provide customers with alternative lifting solutions for corrective repairs in wind turbines.

The lifting solutions offered by LiftWerx are intended to lower mobilization costs, avoid delays due to high wind speeds and due to road permits, minimize ground pressures, and decrease the overall footprint as compared to using conventional cranes.

Design-Build Lifting Solutions

Major Component Replacement Services

Do you require a specialized lifting device to perform corrective repairs in wind turbines? LiftWerx offers tremendous experience with respect to the design and supply of up-tower cranes and other specialized lifting devices. We offer a full spectrum of services, including engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, and commissioning, as well as service, refurbishment and maintenance.

LiftWerx offers both specialized equipment and experienced technicians to perform corrective repairs on a wide variety of wind turbines. All lifting services are performed using up-tower crane technology, which avoids the high cost and disruption of utilizing large conventional cranes on the ground.


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  • Now Servicing GE1.X Wind Turbines!

    Now Servicing GE1.X Wind Turbines!

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    LiftWerx is pleased to announce that it has expanded its services to perform gearbox, generator, and IMS exchanges on General Electric 1.X w[...]

  • New Milestone Achieved!

    New Milestone Achieved!

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    We are delighted to announce that last week marked our 50th gearbox lift.  As a fairly young company, we are very proud of what our profess[...]

  • Heli-Hook™ cranes are now compatible with GE 1.5 and GE 1.X turbines!

    Do you require crane services for GE 1.5SLE, GE 1.5XLE, and GE 1.X wind turbines?  LiftWerx is pleased to announce that it has expanded its[...]

  • We are proud to announce the RotorHook™!

    LiftWerx has partnered with Siemens Gamesa to develop the world's highest-capacity up-tower lifting device.  This new innovation, which eli[...]

  • What's next?

    What's next?

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    Are there new up-tower lifting devices which are being currently developed for performing other corrective repairs on wind turbines?  If yo[...]

  • Generator Exchange!

    Generator Exchange!

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    LiftWerx offers major component exchanges for generators, gearboxes, IMS shafts, and yaw drives on Siemens, GE, Vestas, and Gamesa platforms[...]

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